Central-Sector Schemes

Financial Year: 2014-19

Central Sector Schemes

Agriculture Census


  • Describes the structures & characteristics of agriculture providing statistical data on operational holdings, operated area, land utilization, livestock, agriculture machineries and implements, use of fertilizers etc. 
  • Provide benchmark data needed for formulating new agricultural development programmes and for evaluating their progress. 
  • To provide basic framework of operational holdings and its characteristics for carrying out future agriculture surveys and, 
  • To lay basic for developing integrated programme for current agricultural statistics.

Non- beneficiary oriented- Data/ Statistical base scheme.

Establishment of an Agency for Reporting of Agricultural Statistics (EARAS)

To generate estimates of area and production of principal crops through surveys in 20% selected villages in every season through special staff.  In the sample village crop area is to be reported based on complete enumeration of all fields/ survey numbers.

Salient Features:    
In the non-land record States viz., Arunachal Pradesh etc., the State agencies do not update land utilisation record and therefore there has been gap in the data.  The scheme provides for setting up a whole time agency to cover a sample of 20% of the villages every year to generate basic land use statistics.  

This is a staff oriented scheme for collection of agricultural statistics using only Government machinery. NGOs and others organizations are not eligible to participate.